Australia's Most Profitable Charities

FY14/FY15 Data
Royal Rehab$287,532,930
Monash University$161,752,000
St George Community Housing Limited$149,879,038
Central Queensland University$149,864,000
The Corporation Of The Trustees Of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese Of Brisbane$132,237,314
BlueCHP Limited$113,004,045
Sydney Catholic Schools Archdiocese of Sydney$108,561,128
Affordable Community Housing Limited$106,421,391
University Of Western Australia$89,641,398
ECH Inc$81,012,000
Griffith University$77,487,000
St John Of God Health Care Inc$76,693,533
Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology$74,074,017
Junction Support Services Inc$73,310,522
Deakin University$69,440,000
L.D.S. Charitable Trust Fund$67,662,705
Western Sydney University$66,232,000
Serpentine Foundation Pty Limited as trustee for the Serpentine Foundation$63,827,881
The Uniting Church In Australia Property Trust (Victoria)$62,372,000
James Cook University$62,179,000
Catholic Education Office Diocese Of Parramatta$59,713,388
Epworth Foundation$57,157,000
The University Of Adelaide$54,430,000
City West Housing Pty Limited$50,434,218