Speld-Victoria Inc

60 High St , Preston, VIC, 3072

SPELD Victoria pursued its charitable purposes by advocating for change for dyslexia and specific learning difficulties across Victoria with community and government. We provide assessment, tutoring, advocacy and support services to people with Specific Learning Difficulties and those that support them.

Full Time Staff: 4
Part Time Staff: 1
Casual Staff: 28
Volunteers: 11TO50

Latest Financial Statement - 25/02/2015

Received Donations Other Income Total_Revenue All Other Revenue Total Gross Income
$26,169 $509,650 $675,819 $0 $675,819
Employee Expenses Interest expenses All Other Expenses Total Expenses
$219,559 $0 $492,809 $712,368
Donations Made by Speld-Victoria Inc
Australian Donations Overseas Donations
$0 $0
Net Surplus/Deficit
Total Current Assets Non Current Loans Other Non Current Assets Total Non Current Assets Total Assets
$361,832 $0 $0 $112,490 $474,322
Total Current Liabilities Non Current Liabilities Other Non Current Liabilities Total Non Current Liabilities Total Liabilities
$161,817 $0 $0 $0 $161,817

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