Centre for Australian Progress Ltd

Suite 103, Level 1, 55 Holt St. , Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

There are thousands of passionate people in Australia, working on charitable issues as diverse as social justice, human rights, the environment and workers’ rights. But there are virtually no places to learn and practice skills such as digital communications, media engagement or community organising and leadership. At the same time, there is duplication of effort and diffusion of impact. We're providing a web of diverse learning & development opportunities by and for practitioners and leaders at every level. And just as important, we’re creating a community of highly networked staff across civil society, whether through deep relationship-building programs, or large national conferences.

Full Time Staff: 2
Part Time Staff: 3
Casual Staff: 0
Volunteers: 1TO10

Latest Financial Statement - 27/01/2015

Received Donations Other Income Total_Revenue All Other Revenue Total Gross Income
$271,600 $0 $1,132,103 $860,503 $1,132,103
Employee Expenses Interest expenses All Other Expenses Total Expenses
$421,561 $0 $700,908 $1,122,470
Donations Made by Centre for Australian Progress Ltd
Australian Donations Overseas Donations
$0 $0
Net Surplus/Deficit
Total Current Assets Non Current Loans Other Non Current Assets Total Non Current Assets Total Assets
$135,446 $0 $3,528 $3,528 $138,974
Total Current Liabilities Non Current Liabilities Other Non Current Liabilities Total Non Current Liabilities Total Liabilities
$131,893 $0 $0 $0 $131,893

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